Monday, July 21, 2008

Temporary Goat Pens

Since the new girls come home tomorrow (7/22/08) we spend yesterday moving the pen panels around (mainly making a drive thru on the hay barn, but setting up the pen for the new girls). So we have a 20X20 pen for the new girls (should be fine during quarantine) and Lily has a pen that is 20 deep, 20 wide in front and about 14 wide in back. So here are some pictures of the temporary pens. I hadn't moved things around in the new girls pen yet in these pictures. And I hadn't put up the plywood between the 2 so they can't nose each other.
Doesn't show much, just figured a distant picture is better than none at all!!!

Here is LilyBell sharing her hay with WinnieBell!! Took the picture then moved the hay to the side between the two pens!

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