Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Milkstand

So I was using an upside down dog crate up against a fence and a pole with a rope around it to tie to Lily's collar when I would milk her. We got two more goats (only one in milk right now) and I decided I needed a real milkstand. So I printed directions from the internet and had Chad get to work building me a stand!

Chad decided instead of making legs for it, he would use an old garden cart we had that we probably aren't likely to use. So here is the pre-milkstand cart
(seeing if it would be big enough for Ginger)

I forgot to get pictures of it when it was just the base. Basically it is very tightly set into the wagon, so if we wanted to (with some work) we could get it off and put it on legs. This picture is Chad working on the headgate, but also shows the base.

Finished product! (We plan to put a rubber mat on top, as our chickens like to walk on it and a rubber mat would be much easier to clean poop and spilled milk off of!)

Lily giving it a go!

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