Monday, July 21, 2008

The flock has grown!!!!!!!!

All the babies from my 2 hens and rooster either died or were eaten by something. So prior to yesterday (7/20/08) we had 2 hens, 5 pullets, and 1 rooster. I bought 4 Buff Orpington hens, 3 Barred Rock Hens, and a Golden Laced Polish pullet. I didn't intend to get the pullet, but she was too cute to pass up. (she really isn't cute...kinda ugly right now...somebody ate her tail...all but one feather!)

Here is Tina Turner (unless you can think of a country singer name for her!!)

This brings our bird total up to 9 hens, 6 pullets and 1 rooster = 16 Chickens.

Here are the 4 Buff Orpingtons and the 3 Barred Rocks!

Now to name the critters....
4 Buff Orpington hens - need names
3 Barred Rock hens - need names
The Polish is named Tina Turner.

Please add suggestions. I would like to stick with the country singer theme for these girls.
Names so far on the birds I have are:
Dolly (Parton)
Patsy (Cline)
Reba (McEntire)
Crystal (Gayle)
Wynona (Judd)
Naomi (Judd)
Mrs. Elvis (was the straight run chick that could have been a roo, but isn't)
Oh and Heff (formerly Sir Buffington...I figured with 15 girls, he needed a more suitable name)

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