Sunday, December 28, 2008

Introducing The Gramen Farm Saint Luke (Luke for short)

I bought a new buckling tonight. He was born Dec 14th.  Enjoy!

Isn't he cute!!

"Moooommmmmaaaaa, where are you"

Here are some pictures added this morning....after I tried to get him to take a bottle....guess he wasn't hungry enough! 

"Hey, that's MY blanket!"

"What are you?"

"Where did it go?"

"Hmmmm, your a little big!"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Banty Coop

My banty coop began with a FREE Serama Hen ad on craigslist. Shelby and I went to get her and on the way home decided her name should be Miranda (Lambert). 
With Miranda being so tiny (and not yet having a Banty Coop in mind I put Tina (Turner) in with Miranda and they became the best of buds!)

I soon decided Miranda needed a boyfriend and since the real Miranda is dating Blake Shelton, I decided it would only be right to give my Miranda her own Blake (Shelton)!
Blake is a Serama roo with Silkie feathering. (Miranda soon decided he wasn't to bad!)
The three became inseparable! 

Not too long after getting Blake I saw an add on Craigslist for three banty hens that needed a new home. It was obvious Tina missed her big friends and Blake would like more girlfriends! So I called on the hens, they were already spoken for. :(  After talking with the lady more we discovered that we were both members of the Pet Chickens of Texas site and she decided she knew they would have a good home with me and so here they are! These three do not have names yet, but I am working on it.!!

She looks like a Japanese Bantam to me?!? Maybe

After their quarantine period they were turned loose with Blake, Miranda, and Tina. Blake and Miranda took to them quickly, but Tina was very aggressive with the Black hen, so Tina got evicted and is now back in with the layer flock. She seems happier with the big flock! Here she is pestering me because I was taking pictures of these new girls instead of her!! 
Blake and two of his girls! 
Blake and his OTHER two girls! 

Friday, October 10, 2008

Johnny and June

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Cash

June is the Buff Silkie in the back and Johnny is the Splash Silkie in the front.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Cash! 

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Poor Lonely Batman!!

I helped Brad and Shana sell the Longhorn mamas last week and the guy came to get them yesterday. That was quite a fun ordeal! Wish I would have grabbed the camera and a saddle! Working cows bareback is kinda hard...would have been harder trying to document! We had thought we would pull the hay trailer out of the barn and get the cows in there to load them....NO GO The mommas wanted nothing to do with that matter how much feed and coaxing we did. Batman would go in and out (maybe he knew what was going on!) So we ran them into our rather large pen with trees and stuff for them to hide around, but the only place that would work. We need a working pen with chutes! So we block any opening and back the trailer up to a small opening. Shana in the Gator, me on Apache (what a good old man), and Chad on foot. We try for Dottie first. This was not a real big trailer and probably shouldn't have had all three in there. In our many attempts to get Dottie we decided the front of the trailer was slightly larger than the back half and that 2 would go in front (original plan was Dottie and Winnie, because poor Red is our fav and she gets picked on) and Red would go in the back. So after many failed attempts at Dottie, Emily came out with feed and coaxed Winnie into a small corral type area Chad and the buyer made in front of the trailer. Well with feed involved Red had to check it out! We get Winnie up front and shut that gate, the we get Red in the back. We attempt to open the middle gate and put her up front with Winnie...there is no room for her to turn and open the gate! What to do what to do! So the buyer has a rope (none of us can rope by the we didn't use it for its intended use!) that we put around Red's horns and around a large pole in the ground and back her out. Chad goes in and gets Winnie by the horns and they come out and stand in a corner until we can get Red up front. We tie Red to the front so Chad can get Winnie back in. While getting Winnie back in she feels the urge to poop (when stressed cattle get the runs) and turn at the same time flinging nice runny poo on all around! Chad man handles Winnie back in! While working with Red and Winnie, Shana and Emily work on getting Dottie closer to the area. We have the buyer's wife hold a bag of feed outside the trailer, since nobody can get close to the back of the trailer with Dottie checking things out! We don't want to scare her! Dottie walks right in to check things out! So the guy got there at 8:30 am and we were trying to convince the girls to go in the barn! No luck! We got back to the house to wash poo off and get to work with other projects for the day (Shana laying tile in her house, she moves in by Thursday! Chad working on the back deck of Shana's house) at 10:15ish so not even 2 hours to load 3 longhorns into a rather small trailer without a working pen and chutes! Not to bad! 

So in memory here are some pictures of the Longhorns and their past calves! 




Socrates, Dottie's first calf
pic coming soon

Dottie and her 2nd calf

Sir Cornwallis, Winnie's first calf
pic coming soon

Winnie and her second calf
pic coming soon

Batman, Red's first calf
pic coming soon

Red and her second calf (the only heifer!)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our House

Here are some pictures of the house now that it is done.
Kitchen (please excuse my countertops...not enough storage for goat milking supplies, egg gathering, and soap making!)

Again excuse the box of milk jars!
Livingroom as seen from couch. Bathroom door is out of view to the left and "bedroom" is out of view to the right, altough you can see a tiny bit of the comforter.
Livingroom from front door
From laundry room looking through kitchen and livingroom into "bedroom"
Messy desk in laundry room
"closet" in laundry room
Don't mind the mess on top of the washer and dryer (not enough storage space for all my soapmaking stuff!)
"bedroom" originally we had the bed turned with the headboard against the windows and you could walk along both sides, but the foot stuck out into the livingroom area, so we turned it and it fits perfect and there is room between the bed and the wall to have a small nightstand (you can see my lampshade over there) and to make the bed.
Here is my little bathroom! 

So here are the few construction pics I have of our house.

Here is the wall Chad built up to cover the open loft, the kitchen, and the bathroom door. 
This is a view from the frontdoor
Here is Chad working on the wall of the loft area above the porch, his ladder is in our "bedroom"

Here is Chad putting the metal on top of the laundry room

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Meet Miranda

Say hello to Miranda the Serama.

And here she is with the giant Tina!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting a Serama Hen

I am hoping to go sometime this week and pick her up....more to come when I get her!

Bye Bye Dottie, Winnie, and Red

Saturday (9/20/08) morning I listed the Longhorns on craigslist and got an email rather quickly from someone interested...wanted to know if the papers went with them and their ages.  I emailed back with the info and got a reply asking to come see them that afternoon! So I said of course and left a phone number. Half not expecting a call....I have listed them in the past and got nothing, but this time...he called, came out, and wrote a check! He will be back this weekend (9/27 - 28/08) to pick them up and haul them to their new 100 acre wooded and creeked home!!

I will miss you girls, but atleast you are going to "retire" not become someone's dinner!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike Ike Baby

Yo, TX, Let'​​s kick it!

Ike Ike Baby,​​ Ike Ike Baby
All right​ stop,​​ evacu​ate and liste​n
Ike is here with some big ambit​ion
Peopl​e,​​ close​ your homes​ up tight​ly
It’s blowi​ng like a hurri​cane daily​ and night​ly
Where​ will it stop?​​ Yo-I don'​​t know
Turn off the light​s and let’s​ go
To the coast​line Ike rocks​ like a vanda​l
Start​ up the car and watch​ me drive​ like an anima​l

Dang,​​ hardw​are store​ sales​ boom
Ike’s​ killi​ng my plans​ like a poiso​nous mushr​oom
Deadl​y,​​ evacu​ate they tell me
Anyon​e left will be charg​ed with a felon​y
Love it or hate it, you bette​r get away
Ike will hit the bull'​​s eye, the storm​ don'​​t play
If you’r​e on vacat​ion,​​ Yo, Ike stall​ed it
Check​ out the eye while​ the bands​ revol​ve it

Hurri​cane Ike Ike Baby,​​ Hurri​cane Ike Ike Baby
Hurri​cane Ike Ike Baby,​​ Hurri​cane Ike Ike Baby

Now that the peopl​e are jumpi​n’
With their​ stuff​ packe​d up and the gas done pumpi​n'​​
Quick​ to the road,​​ to the road no fakin​’
Pass McD’s​ get a burge​r with bacon​
Burni​n’ ‘em and follo​w the symbo​l
I go crazy​ when I hear some imbec​ile
Revvi​ng,​​ in a soupe​d up Pinto​
Now I can roll,​​ it's time to crack​ the windo​w
Rolli​n’ in my Chevy​ Tahoe​
With my windo​w down,​​ I can feel Ike blow
My lapto​p’s on stand​by,​​ Waiti​ng for some Wi-​​fi
This spot hot? No – and I gotta​ fly
Kept on pursu​ing to the next block​
I buste​d a left and I'm beati​ng the clock​
The light​ was red

Yo -- so I conti​nued to I-37 to San Anton​io
Wish I was there​ in a blink​ like a jeani​e
How I’d love to be sippi​n’ a marti​ni
Jealo​us '​​cause​ my girl’​s livin​g fine
She left yeste​rday and was there​ by nine
Ready​ to give my homie​s a call
My homie​s actin​g ill becau​se their​ car just stall​ed
Humid​ity,​​ the air is stick​y as hell
Ike’s​ on his way, the weath​erman​ yells​
Movin​g towar​d the gulf coast​ real fast
I’m in my car, can’t​ give it no gas
Bumpe​r to bumpe​r the inter​state​’s packe​d
I'm tryin​g to get away befor​e Ike attac​ks
Polic​e on the scene​,​​ what can it mean?​​
They hooke​d me up, now there​’s anoth​er lane free
If you’r​e on vacat​ion,​​ Yo, Ike stall​ed it
Check​ out the eye while​ the bands​ revol​ve it

Hurri​cane Ike Ike Baby,​​ Hurri​cane Ike Ike Baby
Hurri​cane Ike Ike Baby,​​ Hurri​cane Ike Ike Baby

Yo man, let'​​s get out of here!​​ Word to your mothe​r!​

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pretty Posing

So these are just random pictures! I was taking some shots of Lily for an online goat show and Daisy wouldn't leave us alone, so she got to post as well!!
Daisy's Hiney
Daisy eating the camera cord!
Chouli trying to look like a 2 legged kid! Almost Chouli, but I think they have 2 legs in back, not 2 left legs! (Ok I know her front right is down to, but it is almost perfectly lined up with the other so that it almost disappears)
Lily's profile