Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our House

Here are some pictures of the house now that it is done.
Kitchen (please excuse my countertops...not enough storage for goat milking supplies, egg gathering, and soap making!)

Again excuse the box of milk jars!
Livingroom as seen from couch. Bathroom door is out of view to the left and "bedroom" is out of view to the right, altough you can see a tiny bit of the comforter.
Livingroom from front door
From laundry room looking through kitchen and livingroom into "bedroom"
Messy desk in laundry room
"closet" in laundry room
Don't mind the mess on top of the washer and dryer (not enough storage space for all my soapmaking stuff!)
"bedroom" originally we had the bed turned with the headboard against the windows and you could walk along both sides, but the foot stuck out into the livingroom area, so we turned it and it fits perfect and there is room between the bed and the wall to have a small nightstand (you can see my lampshade over there) and to make the bed.
Here is my little bathroom! 

So here are the few construction pics I have of our house.

Here is the wall Chad built up to cover the open loft, the kitchen, and the bathroom door. 
This is a view from the frontdoor
Here is Chad working on the wall of the loft area above the porch, his ladder is in our "bedroom"

Here is Chad putting the metal on top of the laundry room

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