Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Temporary Goat Barn

In preparation for Hurricane Gustav's winds and rain we decided the goats needed to be able to get out of the rain. Prior they had a small plywood covered area and the 2 dog houses you can see in the middle of the left side of this picture. Here is a view from one corner of the pen, showing 95% of the pen, the covered area where their water is (the plywood), their climbing tub (cement water trough turned on end) and the barn. The tarp isn't attached at the bottom, it was pinned up, but you will see later what happened there!

Here is Chouli and Rosey checking out their new digs. The ladder isn't staying.
Lily exploring the tunnel...see why the tarp isn't penned up anymore! lol I have yet to have the camera with me to catch it, but I have come out to find Daisy, Ginger, and Lily sleeping in their "tent"

Dinner time! Even with 5 buckets, Chouli and Rosey still eat out of one!

Lily a little upset that I woke her up.Ginger snoozin against the barn door

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