Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2 MORE goats

Here are my 2 newest goats! They are a Lamancha and a Nubian. They are both 18 months old and bred. They are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association.
Meet the girls: Rose is the white Lamancha (she was born on Valentine's day last year and when I looked up Love related baby names, Rose jumped out at me and my MIL joked about when I was going to name an ol goat Rose!) The Nubian, doesn't have a name yet...the naming committee is still out on that one! She was born on Shelby's birthdat last year, so I was going to give her Shelby's nickname, Fluffy, but decided to let Shelby pick a name for her!

Bella snoozin by the girls!

Bella and her Charges! She isn't real happy about not being with the horses, but she better get used to it...there are 3 more moving in in the future!!

Poor girl doesn't have a name, she was going to be Fluffy...still might?!?!

Rose seems to be the boss of the little 2 goat herd!
She gets between the Nubian and anything else!

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