Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Might as well introduce the rest of the herd!

Well I figured, since the name of this is the Laughter Herd...I might as well introduce the herd!

First we have Chad and Sarah (The Laughters)

Next we have Just Jack. He is a 20lb Standard Rat Terrier
Jack pretending to be a Gargoyle!
This is Shelby, my second cousin (more like a sister...I have known her, her whole life) working with Outlaw Jesse James on some agility! Who says a Pittie can't do agility??

Jesse showing off his cart harness...we need to cut the excess off the straps!
This is my old man! This is Apache...is probably the same age as I am and we have known each other since I was 10 years old! Here's to 15 great year's together old man!!
"Are you taking MY picture? Did I tell you that you could take MY picture??"

When I first met him!! Man I was short! Either I have grown or he has shrunk!!

This is Chad and his horse Wyatt

Wyatt has the coolest eyes EVER!!!

This is Bella, I was standing on her hill!
"Excuse me, are you on MY hill??"
I think she would love to come in for some bread, but hubby says no!!This is Britt and her filly Lindy. They belong to friends, but live with us!
This is Dottie, Batman, and Winnie. They belong to the same friends as Britt and Lindy and they also live with us

This is Red, she is Batman's momma! Again a friend's but lives with us!

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