Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chicks are 3 weeks old today

So it would seem that I had forgotten about this blog thing, but I haven't. Having crappy internet I am barely able to load pictures on anything so I check my email and my message boards and that is all. Since I can't post pictures at the moment I find this slightly boring!! So here is an update. The chicks are starting to get so big!! They are getting such lovely colored feathers!! Crystal and Reba (the Barred Rock and the Rhode Island Red) are starting to develop rather large combs compared to Naomi, Wynona, and Elvis/Ashley (the Ameraucanas or Easter Eggers), but they have combs that are called Pea Combs and are rather small compared to a stand up single comb like the other 2 have. If I open the top to change feed or water Crystal immediately jumps up onto the edge of the pen followed by Reba . Today I was on the computer and left the top off (the dogs were in their crates) Crystal and Reba proceeded to jump on the edge, then onto me...about 3 feet!! After they were on me, Wynona decided to jump up on the edge and then onto me, leaving Naomi and Elvis in the pen by themselves!! Eventually Naomi jumped on the edge and the floor and Elvis chirped very loudly to let us know he was VERY unhappy!! So I went and picked him up and picked Naomi up off the floor. We sat for about 5 minutes with everyone either on my head, shoulders, or lap!!
Hopefully next week I can move them outside to a new pen.

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