Saturday, March 8, 2008

Another new chick!!

I went into the Tractor Supply in Katy to return a light bulb we didn't need and had to go see the chicks they had, in case they had something different than my Tractor Supply in Tomball. They happened to have their straight run chicks separate from their pullets, so I decided to get another Ameraucana in hopes of it turning out to be male. The new chick spent the day in a mini brooder at my parents house (I was there to help clean out some storage units). After being there with him for about an hour he would not stop chirping unless I was messing with him, so during a work break I put him on my chest while I laid back and he crawled up onto my shoulder and nestled in my hair. I got up and walked to his brooder to put him up so I could help some more, but as soon as I walked away he chirped again, so I picked him up and put him on my shoulder under my sweater and he spent most of the day on my shoulder!! I hope this helps make him a nice tame bird!! The girls still act like I am going to eat them when they see me near the brooder...maybe him being calm with calm them...or them being crazy will make him crazy!!

His name is Elvis if he is a boy, but if he turns out to be a girl her name will be Ashley. I figure since the other two Ameraucana are Naomi and Wynona, after the Judds it would only make sense for her to be Ashley Judd (if she is indeed a she).


Laurenized said...

Oh Sarah! This is fantastic! You and Chad need to come out sometime soon and see the ducks. We discovered one of our ducks, Pom, has laid a clutch of eggs and they should be hatching withing the next couple of weeks. I'm thrilled to be having some ducklings swimming around the pond.

I miss you guys and we should do dinner one night soon. I'm dying to see y'all set up!

Kelley said...

Hey Sarah you are doing right if you want to keep the chick tame you are handling them while they are young. I did that with our chicks not even realizing that I was taming them all a long but I was now we very socialable chickens they still want to be petted all the time they are a mess But still you can handle them even as adult I still handle our and they full grown chickens and they still lay eggs for us to . Another you can do is let them out during the day But when it time for them to grab feed bucket and shake it and have them follow you to their pens when you feed them they will always follow the feed bucket or table scraps like from salad to cornbread they love cornbread or at least our chickens love cornbread But it doesn't hurt to handle them some when they are little when I was doing that I didn't really know that I was taming our chcikens People are amazed that our chicken will come running up to you and scat down to be petted