Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Meet Daffy the Duckling!

Last night we aquired a duckling! Not knowing what to do with him so I could clean out his temporary house...I decided to run him a bath and put him in the tub so I could clean his cage! He was not so easy to get out of his house! He didn't know me, nor did he want to go along with anything I was doing!! After his bath I sat and held him in my lap, then put him back in his cage to introduce the dogs to him. After a while of sniffing like crazy the dogs ignored him, so I opened the door and he came to the edge and kinda perched there for a while...then out of no where he came walking out and snuggled up to me. Enough chit chat here are his pictures!

I didn't think to grab the camera until after the water had drained most of the way out of the tub.
(Our tub doesn't hold water!! It was either water that drains from a bath or water that doesn't drain during a shower!!)

Isn't he just the most adorable thing?!?!?
Daffy went missing Saturday night (6/7) or Sunday morning (6/8) There is no way for him to get out of the pen he was in and nothing had been knocked down. Chad and I searched the whole property Sunday morning looking for him. I fear a night bird may have got him?!!? I keep praying he will turn up! I know its just a duck, but he was my little buddy! We took daily walks to the pond to swim, not to mention he thought he was one of the dogs! He loved to follow them around and swim after them into the pond!

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