Saturday, June 27, 2009

A&M Gets to Saw Em Off

Mator our newest goat, a pygmy, has horns! And he knows how to use them! So we have an appointment with Dr. Hooper on Thursday to have them removed. I intend to use this post to chronicle his recovery as a learning tool.. So Mater has a long story...His story...he wandered to a friend's house, who kept him all afternoon trying to find his owner with no luck. He brought him to us knowing we would know how to care for him better.  Chad fell in love with the little guy, just adored him!! Almost as much as he loves Daisy (maybe a little more...he is a boy!) When it seemed like he had been dumped we decided we would keep him....well about 10 minutes after deciding to keep him we get a call from the friend that found him saying the owners called him and would be over shortly. Boo Hoo so we had to let him go...this was March 8th that they came to get him. About 3 weeks ago I was browsing craigslist when I saw a $100 Pygmy goat that looked like our little guy, so I called the lady and asked her if her goats name was Mater, she said yes, I asked where she was, she said Tomball. My heart dropped...I knew it was him, but I wasn't about to pay $100 for a Pygmy goat! She asked how I knew his name, so I told her the story of how we just loved the little booger. She asked if I wanted him...I told her I would have to discuss the price with my husband and she asked why...and said she would give him to us. She only put a price so he would get a home and not become food or neglected! So we got Mater back! Only problem he had horns! Last Thursday I took him to A&M to get them removed. $72 to dehorn a Pygmy and there are gaping holes in his head! Dr. Hooper is WONDERFUL.

1st pic. Mater when he visited us.

Mater when we got him as our own

Mater the day of surgery...poor baby cried the whole way home!

1 Week later....swelling has gone down, no bleeding. No discharge from his nose (like was warned) We were told to keep him away from other goats, but he just wouldn't crazy little bugger jumps every fence we have to get to his herd. Only had one issue...that was his first feeding time with a headache. He tried to butt Duke out of his food and cried as he did it. Hasn't butted anyone else! Go figure!

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