Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Interesting Trip

Yesterday afternoon I set out to go to a friends house to pick up red top tubes to draw blood on the goats, then the bank and the grocery store. Routine stuff, so I thought! After seeing all the babies, it is kidding season afterall, my friend mentioned needing to disbud some of them, having never seen it I offered to help. I watched as they did two kids, I think I'll be paying to have mine done! While we werw disbudding, one of my friends two legged kids was checking a pregnant goat that appeared to be close to kidding, the determination was that this doe had an upside down kid and needed assistance! We were done disbudding despite the kids that hadn't been done yet! I observed as the oldest of my friend's kids went in an decided the kid was no longer upside down, the cervix wasn't quite open all the way, and mom should be fine on her own. After many pushes and much waiting, she went in again to find the cervix open and 2 feet with what felt like a HUGE head. After some medicine to help with momma's energy and contractions the baby, a huge buck, was delivered! It was decided that going back in to check for more babies was needed. My friend's oldest went back in and felt something "gross and creepy". It was bones, this momma had twins, but one had died very young.I got there in the afternoon and didn't leave until after 9PM!

And I didn't forget the tunes I went there to get!

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