Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who knew a broke down truck could get you a job...

My truck decided to hate me on Saturday (1/24) and later that evening I got a call from my neighbor offering me 4 hours a day milking her 10 goats and 4 cows, cleaning the equipment, and feeding the animals. (She has bad arthritis and just can't keep doing it by herself). She has a milk machine for the cows and the goats, so I pretty much get paid to wait! Wait for the milker to finish that cow (or pair of goats) until I am finished with all of them, then I filter the milk (which is waiting for the milk to strain through the filter!) I play the waiting game from 8am to around noon! I love it. I can't wait until my goats are back in milk...I need to save to buy my own milk is SOOOOOO nice! After using one for 4 days now I can't imagine milking with out one!!! 

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