Friday, April 4, 2008

Chicks are a month old

As of April 2nd (my Brother's birthday) the chicks are now a month old!! They have changed so much!! Not just in appearance, but also in behavior. The moved outside into a partially enclosed horse trailer where they can see the other chickens, the horses, the donkey, and the cows. Prior to moving outside, they didn't really like to be handled much. Crystal and Reba would jump up on the side of the brooder box and then jump on my arms, but they didn't care to be picked up, Naomi would be the third to jump up on the side and would get on my hand, but would not come to me the way Reba and Crystal did, and Elvis and Wynona wanted nothing to do with people at all!! Now as soon as I walk into the trailer Crystal is on my lap or arms or head! Then Naomi and Reba follow her! Wynona and Elvis still don't care much for attention, they will come sit on my lap, but they still avoid me when I reach for them!!

Here is Elvis...his coloring is so neat!!
You can't see it, but he has white on the tips of his feathers!

Here is Naomi..her color is changing so much also!!

Here is Wynona..I love how similar her pattern is to Naomi

Here is Crystal...her coloring is coming in nicely!!

Here is Reba...her color will be gorgeous, but right now she has weird patches that almost look like she is bald because of how light they are!!

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